Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why do we lie?

why do we lie? do we have to lie? There are many types of lie,such as bald-faced lie which is a lie that is obvious that it's and he or she still lie, white-lie are just harmless lie like no you Look great in that dress, noble-lie lie in order to make someone feel better and help keep order, bluffing pretending, acting as if you had a capability or intention that one doesn't have,
misleading ones as well. [there all misleading that's the point of lies]. Some lies can harm someone in emotional way and other that mean nothing at all to any one. still lie are lies. so then why do we lie. well some of us lie because we feel like sometime people can't handle the truth, or we try to get out of trouble, or help out a friend by covering for them. Is this wrought or right. well i can say that some time we need to lie and other time we should just tell the truth.Like for insets if i skipped school and my mother asked my did i go to school I just out of reflex i tell here yes, then get into the lie so deeply that she believe me. What she doesn't know can't hurt her right. well she finds out anyway, then she ask me did i go to school again, well what am i to say if i lie she'll kill me if i tell her she'll just yell at me. So i just teller the truth. If I'd just told her from the begging she wouldn't be so mad at me.I can't say ling never helped me for in many time it was better to lie then tell the truth.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What you see is ot what you get

"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" Benjamin Franklin. My interpretation is believe nothing people tell and only half of what people show me. Lots of time people hear rumors and then start to believe it without Proof. Other time people see things that happen without explanation and assume it has to be real because they saw it with their own eyes. But in truth not all things I hear or see is true. That's what Benjamin Franklin meant.

"If we can't persuade nations with comparable values of the merits of cause, we'd better reexamine our reasoning" Robert Mcnamara

This is one of the main reasons nations go to war. We can't force other nations to agree with our thoughts but we can try to understated them and then come up with a better reasoning bargain.
We must put ourselves in other nations shoes and see how different there view points are. The U.N. was made to bring all the nations of the world together, but still many country's feel that they would lose a great deal by agreeing to some of the treaties purposed by the U.N. The U.N. really need to learn about other nations if we really want the to succeed, hopefully we will and soon before we learn the hard way.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


By Jennnifer Medina

Students, teachers and parents weigh in on state of the schools.

Again for the second year in a row the students, teachers, and the parents
get to say on how we feel about are schools. This year is a big improvement from last year percentages with more than 800,000 people responding to the survey, we now have a better understanding on what needs to be work on. Although we as student feel safer in our schools, parents still want smaller class sizes. But still safer schools better teacher for the jobs, and make it a priority for students to achieve there goals has bin a great improvement over the last couple of years.

Although I did not participate in the survey, I still personal agree with survey.
For example last year 68 percent of those how participate in believed school are safer then before.Now compare that to this year of those how participate in the survey this year 73 percent say they feel safer in school. It's true over the last couple of year school safety staff has gone up to ensure a safe leaning environment for all students.Still I feel that smaller class size is key for a more effective way to teach student rather then a big class were the teacher can't help everyone needs. Hopefully with the survey we see improvements on where we need it the most.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am David

I am curious and shy
I wonder how the stars move and work
I hear the sounds of my past
I want to create
I am curious and shy

I pretend to hold the world in my hands
I feel scared when I can't understand
I worry about where I am going
I cry when I see needless deaths
I am curious and shy

I understand I have to ask for an answer
I say i don't need help when I do
I dream of touching the stars
I hope to see the world unite as one
I am curious and shy

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Habits of mind

Habits of mind are the we handle situation when it hits us right in head. It how we deal with problems in our life. The way we think effects ourer decisions and the out come.Some people will ether try and solve the problems and some others just give up before they even try. For me I tend to listen to other to get a better understanding of the problems.Then I can gather all the information and find the best way to solve a problem.For example my two cousin always argue over little thing that really doesn't matter.Like over a pies of gum I listen to both of them two see what happened one say the other has more the other she doesn't.So I take both pies of gum and tell now no one has gum so there no reason for arguing over it any more.But unfortionly not all problem can be solved so easily after all there kids not everyone is a kid.But you get the point.